10 sonic plot holes that everyone ignores


Despite the undeniable ups and downs of the Sonic the hedgehog in recent times, the Sega mascot has endured and has become ubiquitous with games. As the franchise continues to reinvent itself, fans have taken note of a number of feedbacks, practical omissions, and simple mistakes over the years.

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Call it blind worship or super fandom, anyway, fans are regularly asked to ignore a glaring number of cooked plot holes in Mobius’ world.

ten Sonic racing games basically don’t make sense

Sonic as he appeared in the 1993 Sonic Drift Game

Sonic and his friends all run fast, but somehow whenever this group gets together for an occasional run, the dizzying speeds they can achieve on foot rarely seem enough.

Sonic r awkward design and terribly awkward controls seemed to imply that programming a Sonic game where all participants ran on foot was nearly impossible for 1997. In fact, even before Sonic r, Sega was inclined to have Sonic and co. racing in vehicles for the Sonic drift titles from 1994 and 1995. Most would say a Sonic racer is a given, but a Sonic racer with cars feels blasphemous. It’s the kind of concept that makes less sense the more you think about it. Yet the concept has been revisited for Sonic Racing Team in 2019.

9 Knuckles’ negligence should get him fired

Joins should be pulled

Sonic’s longtime rival Knuckles the Echidna is the sworn protector of the Master Emerald who keeps Angle Island in the air. Knuckles debuted in Sonic The Hedgehog 3 in 1994, in which Robotnik made him believe that Sonic and Tails were after the Master Emerald.

Eggman ends up stealing the Master Emerald to repair his Death Egg while Sonic and Knuckles team up to stop him. As an isolated incident, all is well. However, the fact that the Master Emerald is subsequently stolen or otherwise tampered with in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic Battle, Sonic Rivals 1 & 2, and Sonic Advance 3, it is perhaps not out of place to suggest that the fearless Echidna sleeps behind the wheel more often than not.

8 Eggman detonated half the moon

Someone blew up the moon for us

Fans of the Sound adventure The series will never forget the ambitious storylines that made these games what they were. The latest entry in the adventure series, Sound adventure 2, features a now infamous cutscene in which Dr. Eggman does the unthinkable by detonating half the Moon for no other reason than to show off the power of his new laser beam cannon.

In the heyday of the game, this little glitch never came up again. In fact, the moon appears in later versions of Sonic, making fans wonder what happened to this massive mishap. The Sonic team and the animated adaptation of Sonic, Sonic X, provided conflicting explanations that again opens the pandora’s box of Sonic’s confusing continuity.

7 Metal Sonic’s appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 cancels Sonic Cannon

Sonic Metal, Metal Episode

Sonic the hedgehog 4 is seen as an unfortunate flaw on Sonic The Hedgehog’s tapestry, and it really does mean something. Among the many issues with this digital-only disaster, the one that has left many Sonic fans scratching their heads is the reintroduction of Metal Sonic.

It was believed that Sonic’s Metal counterpart had been eliminated in the “good” future of Sonic CD. Later games like Sonic Triple Trouble for Gamegear and arcade game Sonic the fighters seem to corroborate it. However, at the start of Sonic 4 Metal Episode, Metal Sonic is seen in the “bad” future in Stardust Speedway’s Sonic CD, implying that canon fans had accepted was a lie.

6 Sonic has too many “home” planets

Planet Liberty from Sonic OVA

In 1991, Sega of America made a series bible for Sonic The Hedgehog. This document provided general information and named Sonic’s home planet “Mobius”. It has never been adopted in Japan. For Western Sonic fans, this was a hard, cold fact that got even stronger in three different cartoons, two comics, and at least one playbook.

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Until 1999, Western fans had no reason to question whether the game’s locations were supposed to be located on the fictional planet Mobius. Two media would be broadcast in the region at that time that questioned this notion. The first was Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie, where Sonic’s home planet is called “Planet Freedom”. Sound adventure came out on Dreamcast just 3 days later and claimed that Sonic and his friends are on Earth. Meanwhile, the 2020s Sonic the hedgehog The film shows Sonic’s humble beginnings on an unnamed distant planet before being sent to planet Earth for his own safety.

5 What happened to the Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails?

Super Sonic, Super Tails, Hyper Knuckles

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles offers players a choice at the start of the adventure, allowing them to choose between Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. If players collect the 7 Chaos (or Super) Emeralds as Tails or Knuckles, players will receive a message warning them that they can now play as Super Tails or Hyper Knuckles.

These forms are comparable to Super / Hyper Sonic transformations, granting sidekicks invincibility and a golden or pink glow to Tails and Knuckles, respectively. Super Tails even gets a swarm of golden films surrounding it. Surprisingly, these transformations are noticeably absent from every subsequent title. As Sonic Team approached in the final moments of Sound heroes, the awesome shapes seen here seem to do little more for Tails and Knuckles than wrapping them in a bubble.

4 Eggman Should Go After Knuckles Not Sonic

SA2 Eggman Boss Battle

Sonic has been billed as “the fastest thing in the world” and at times it can feel like that promise was the only thing Sonic could keep over the past few years. However, no one seems to give credit when it comes to Sonic’s supporting cast, who all seem more than capable of keeping up with the blue haze.

Fans wondered why Eggman was so focused on capturing Sonic in particular. In fact, Eggman’s biggest problem could be Tails. As well as being as fast as its blue counterpart, Tails also has the ability to fly and is definitely a genius. This makes Tails a triple threat. Even getting rid of Knuckles would probably be of more use to Eggman, as it would leave the Master Emerald vulnerable to any nefarious act he wishes and yet Eggman only has eyes for our favorite hedgehog.

3 There’s no way Eggman’s IQ is 300

Eggman's profile in Sonic Jam

In the original manual Sonic the hedgehog As of 1991, Dr Ivo Robotnik is credited with an IQ of 300. It is surely impossible to ignore his skills in robotics, mechanical engineering and astrophysics, but one would think that a scientist of his caliber would be more that able to catch the fastest hedgehog alive, once and for all.

However, despite everything Eggman has accomplished, his plans to fight Sonic head-on still seem to be a little half-baked. Some of his more questionable ideas have included attaching a ball and chain to his Egg-Cruiser, driving a car with a drill, and Shadow the hedgehog Egg Dealer Mech who for some inexplicable reason had the ability to empower his opponent.

2 Sonic’s age is unclear

Sonic's birthday in Sonic Generations

Sonic may be 30 this year, but Sega has never officially aged him outside of its 1998 redesign for the next one. Sound adventure Title. At the time, character designer Yuji Uwekawa envisioned what became known as “Modern Sonic” when he was 15 years old.

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If Uwekawa is to be believed, Sonic should be at least 16 years old by now, because Sonic Generations opens with Sonic’s birthday party. Ironically, Sonic Generations was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the franchise and many gamers assumed it was the milestone celebrated in the games’ introductory moments. Sonic has also celebrated several birthdays in the Archie Comics series and has traveled quite a bit of time, which makes his actual age incredibly hard to pin down.

1 Eggman should definitely be in maximum security now

Eggman in Sonic X

Eggman has demonstrated time and time again that he is a fit aerospace engineer. What is perhaps more impressive than the planes is the speed at which Eggman produces entire fleets of massive ships.

This incredibly unstable and fragile man is, on his own, capable of building the value of a nation of high-tech spaceships. How it’s possible that Eggman lives a life without any government agency watchlists or anything like that really undermines the authority of any world leader in the world of Sonic.

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