10 Sidescrollers Better Than Super Mario Bros.

There are few industries that have made such tremendous strides across the board as video games. Each new generation of games delivers more awesome experiences that make new things possible in incredible ways. The gaming industry continues to endure because it’s not just new titles with cutting-edge technology that are in demand.

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There’s often just as much love for retro platformers and classic side-scrollers that are still challenging and satisfying by modern standards. One of Nintendo’s most important titles is Super Mario Bros., which helped further popularize their burgeoning platformer mascot, but is also a triumph in 2D side-scrolling games. Super Mario Bros. holds up to this day, but there are other sidecrollers, old and new, that put it to shame.

Sonic CD combines the fast-paced Sonic formula with time travel

Sonic CD Palmtree Panic

The games in the original sonic the hedgehog trilogy for the Sega Genesis are some of the best platformers of the 16-bit era. The fast-paced gameplay offers something distinctly different from the Super Mario live. The Sega CD was an ambitious console that few gamers embraced, meaning many of its groundbreaking releases became underrated gems.

As a result, Sega CDs sonic cd is actually the best of the old 2D Sonic sidescrollers. The gameplay is just as sharp as in the Genesis games, but there’s a surprisingly complex formula in place that involves going to the past and future of levels. It is way ahead of its time.

SNES Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest Necky Boss

the Super Mario Super Nintendo titles are all iconic platformers, but Rare’s donkey kong country trilogy managed to create just as much buzz. These layered games reclaim characters from Donkey Kong and actively push the platforming genre to new places.

The middle entry of the trilogy, Donkey Kong Country 2: Dixie’s Kong Quest, is the most fulfilling of games and does not overwhelm the player with too many secrets and collectibles. It is also satisfying that the modern The Return of Donkey Kong Country was such a faithful return to old-school, challenging 2D side-scrolling action.

Video Games Super Metroid Speed ​​Booster Run

The lesson metroid is another of Nintendo’s strongest intellectual properties and it’s dominated by both the action-adventure genre and the first-person shooter. There are strong arguments to be made as to why each metroid title might be the best of the series, but there is so much atmosphere and innovation present in the Super Nintendo Super Metroid.

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Subsequent metroid titles have been more advanced and immersive, but the side-scrolling simplicity of the SNES game is a plus for the experience. The worlds in Super Metroid still feel really huge and labyrinthine, but the console’s 2D limitations never feel like a restriction for Samus Aran.

Rayman Legends looks like chaotic art coming to life

Rayman Legends Rayman fighting giant mechanical dragon

Ubisoft’s Rayman is a platforming mascot that has made a big impression on the industry, but has faded into obscurity over time. 2011 Origins of Rayman brought the character back in a big way, and 2013 Legends of Rayman only builds on the momentum of its predecessor. Legends of Rayman Effortlessly transforms into a 2D platformer that looks like an animated movie brought to life.

The gameplay is so smooth and intuitive. Music-driven levels of rhythm are also some of the most enjoyable side-scrolling content of the decade. Legends of Rayman is proof of what modern sidescrollers can achieve.

Mischief Makers embrace new ideas and tight controls to make something different

Games Nintendo 64 Mischief Makers Chaos

The general public was so enamored with the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 64 that many of the console’s 2D side-scrolling efforts were dismissed as old-fashioned and neglected as a result. Fortunately, games like Treasure’s mischief makers were salvaged by the public and built on their original cult.

mischief makers is in a class of its own thanks to its quirky gameplay, weird world and characters, and the unusual art style that ties it all together. mischief makers looks as much like a creative step forward for the Sidescrollers in 1997 as Super Mario Bros. it was in 1985.

Dynamite Headdy had the potential to be a Sega Genesis juggernaut

Games Dynamite Headdy Attack Sega Genesis

Treasure is a top game developer that absolutely thrived during the 16-bit era of the 1990s. Both Nintendo and Sega benefited from ambitious Treasure side-scrollers, but the one that has endured over the years is dynamite head for the Sega Genesis. The 1994 game features a protagonist who solves problems and navigates through worlds via an assortment of different heads he can acquire.

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This unique concept, in addition to entertaining universes and a theatrical theme, as well as rich hidden content, makes dynamite head one of the sturdiest Genesis sidescrollers that’s easy to come back to and experience something new.

Yoshi’s woolly world is as beautiful as it is fun

Games Yoshis Woolly World Wii U

Nintendo has gotten creative with the aesthetics and style of presentation that surrounds many of its iconic platform series. Both Yoshi and Kirby have received beautiful makeovers through the worlds of Yarn, Craft, and Yarn. Yoshi’s woolly world is a remarkable Wii U title that is the perfect combination of visuals and gameplay.

This is far from being a situation where style takes precedence over substance. The artistry achieved in the side-scrolling action in Yoshi’s woolly world is beyond all that Super Mario Bros. could understand.

Games Goemons Great Adventure Horse N64

by Konami Legend of the mystical ninja The action-adventure series has persevered for over three decades across multiple platforms. The first one mystical ninja the game has landed on the Super Nintendo, and two of the franchise’s most impressive entries are for the Nintendo 64.

Legend of the mystical ninja 64 is a fully 3D adventure, but its successor, Goemon’s Great Adventure, is a 2D sidescroller with 3D elements. Some may have considered this a step backwards for the series, but he’s such an inventive and enjoyable player that has flown under too many people’s radar.

Games Kirby Triple Deluxe Win

the Kirby The franchise has been with Nintendo for 30 years, and it’s almost as big as the Super Mario Games. Kirby has evolved into a fairly versatile platform series that has reinvented itself several times for handheld and home consoles. Likewise, the Kirby games confidently jump between 2D and 3D endeavors, but this is a series where side-scrolling is still alive and well.

Kirby: Deluxe Triple is one of the most satisfying Kirby titles, and it’s a 2D side-scrolling adventure, though it takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’ signature technology. Kirby and his enemies can move in and out of the foreground and background, while side-scrolling.

Screenshot showing one of the levels in Super Mario World (SNES);  with Goombas, Banzai Bill and Mario.

Super Mario Bros. is a totemic sidescroller, but it’s far from the best 2D title in the game. Super Mario franchise. the mario games continue to thrive creatively and they have made one of the smoothest transitions from 2D to 3D gameplay. The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey marks an all-time high for the series, but Super Mario World is a testament to just how much can be accomplished with side-scrolling level design.

Each Super Mario the game gets a bit more complex, but the Super Nintendo Super Mario World is such a big step up from the NES Super Mario Bros 3. It’s also a sidescroller that’s still just as fun today.

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