10 Most Memorable Bald Characters In Gaming

While there have been plenty of video game characters with amazing hair, there are just as many iconic bald characters. You might not even have thought about how many famous characters in the game are crazily challenged. Whether one of your favorite characters is bald or not, there’s no shortage of amazing hairless characters.

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The look is often reserved to make a character look serious or like they’re ready for whatever challenge comes their way, but that’s not always the case. There are as many goofy bald characters as there are incredibly serious heroes. Either way, it’s safe to say that if you see a bald character in your game, they’re bound to be a fan favorite.

ten Doctor Eggman – Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic dr robotnik

The iconic villain of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has been a gamer favorite for years. He simultaneously looks like a mad scientist and manages to make players laugh due to his weird features at the same time.

For years, Eggman has been thwarted by his nemesis Sonic, but it seems no one ever talks about the egg-shaped bald man as one of his favorite villains. Not only has he appeared in countless titles, but he has become increasingly charismatic over the years.


9 Drax the Destroyer – Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Main Character Origins 5 Drax the Destoryer

Many famous bald characters have been around for years at this point, one of the most recent in terms of mainstream game appearances is none other than Drax The Destroyer. It may be that as an alien, his species simply doesn’t grow hair, but that still counts as being bald since he’s humanoid in appearance.

He’s quickly become a fan-favorite character thanks to his appearances in the MCU, but he’s had his own share of gaming appearances in recent years. Drax is a character that shows that even the greatest heroes can look just as tough and tough as any anti-hero.

8 Sagat – Street Fighter


The Street Fighter franchise is home to many classic characters, but one of the best bald men in gaming is Sagat. The Muay Thai expert has been in the series since the original game and has been a fan favorite ever since he first became playable in the Champion Edition of Street Fighter 2.

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Unfortunately for Sagat fans, he is not at the top of the series’ latest tier list entry. Despite this, many still choose to tackle Sagat both for his unique and iconic look and for his fun experimenting with movesets.

seven Quan Chi – Mortal Kombat

Quan Chi Mortal Kombat posing with raised fist

In a series that seems determined to make its characters as cool as possible, it’s almost surprising that there aren’t any tough, bald characters. What the series features is the fierce bald wizard Quan Chi.

No one could be blamed for drawing many parallels between the Netherrealm wizard and another iconic bald character, but the two couldn’t be further apart when it comes to their personalities. While he may not be present in Mortal Kombat canon these days, many are hoping for the wizard’s return.

6 Rude – Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII remake Rude with glasses

Final Fantasy 7 is such an iconic game that even the villains have their own dedicated fanbases. The Turks can almost feel like minor antagonists during their time in the game, but both Reno and Rude have managed to stand out to players.

Not only do many like Rude because he’s an example of a rather complex character in the Final Fantasy series, but many also like him because he proudly sports a bald head. It’s hard not to be a fan of the Turk, especially the more you learn about him over the course of Final Fantasy 7.

5 Trainer – Left 4 Dead 2

A promo for Left of Dead 2

While you won’t see much of Coach if he’s your go-to character when playing Left 4 Dead 2, it’s completely fair to say that he’s one of the best bald characters. Although not much dialogue is shared between the characters throughout the campaigns, the lines make Coach one of the most fun characters to use.

There’s nothing better than fighting your way through hordes of infected while Coach jokes and shouts with the other survivors. For many, he shines during his time in the Dark Carnival campaign.

4 Heavy – Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Heavy

How long Team Fortress 2 has been around and how many people are still actively playing it, it’s surprising how little it is talked about on the internet. One of the most famous and funniest bald men in gaming comes from the game, and he is only known as Heavy.

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While many characters in the game had very little characterization for a while, over the years every character in the game has become a fan favorite for one reason or another. Heavy is considered by many players to be one of the most fun to play.

3 Sergeant Cortez – Time Separators

Timesplitters SG cortez close up

There are a lot of players who feel like the TimeSplitters franchise isn’t getting the amount of love it deserves. People who participated in the excellent TimeSplitters Future Perfect campaign will no doubt fondly remember Sergeant Cortez.

Besides being one of the most underrated first-person shooter heroes in gaming, Cortez also happens to be hilarious. A quick search of the game’s many cutscenes is sure to have even those who’ve never played the game before in stitches.

2 Agent 47 – Hitman

Hitman 3 Dev Grants Free Upgrade On Steam For A Limited Time To Compensate For Rocky Launch

It’s possible that when you think of famous bald characters from video games, Agent 47 is actually the first character that comes to mind. It has been featured in countless games and the quality of most of these games makes it all the more memorable.

While Agent 47 is already an incredible character as a ruthless assassin, things get even better when his games offer plenty of hilarious disguises. It’s always great to see Agent 47 dressed up as a famous character, a mascot, or even just an ice cream man.

1 Kratos – God of War

Sad Kratos Urn

While Kratos has enjoyed a thick beard these days, the top of his head has seemingly always been bare. Not only is Kratos one of the most famous bald men in gaming, but he’s also one of the most recognizable characters in gaming history.

For many, it’s almost impossible to imagine what Kratos would look like with full hair at this point. His whole appearance blended with his violent demeanor to create one of the modern icons of video gaming.

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