10 great retro SEGA games available on the Switch


Although SEGA left the console market in 2001 after the demise of Dreamcast, the company survived as a game developer and publisher. However, many fans still have fond memories of SEGA’s heyday, when the company released stellar platforms, excellent arcade ports, and even controversial titles that led to a congressional hearing on violence in the media. video games.

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Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch has proven to be an incredibly versatile gaming console. Due to its unique ability to connect to a TV or be played on a handheld, it is ideal for playing new open world adventures, as well as 2D mirrors, making it the perfect system for wear classic games.

ten Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo game

Puyo Puyo is a Tetris– as a title which was originally released for the Mega Drive in 1992 in Japan. Players from Europe and North America received a slightly modified version of the game the following year, bearing the mark Dr Robotnik’s Medium Bean Machine in order to capitalize on the global success of the Sonic franchise.

In the game, players must match the colors “puyos“in groups of four to make them disappear, trying to keep their columns from filling up to the top. The franchise has been a resounding success, with the release of over 20 games, including two Tetris cross-titles. C This is a great game to play on the go using the Switch in portable mode.

9 Virtua Racing

Virtua racing game

SEGA Virtua Racing helped create the modern racing game. When it first hit arcades in 1992, it was considered visually revolutionary for transporting racers to a fully 3D world. Due to the immense popularity of the game, SEGA has even worn Virtua Racing at 32X and Sega Saturn.

The Nintendo Switch version has an increased frame rate, as well as online play and local multiplayer that can support up to eight riders. It is a great choice for fans of retro games, game history or even fans of Mario kart who are looking for a change of scenery.

8 Night trap

The controversial game of Night Trap

In 1992, Night trap was released for the Sega CD. Night trap was an interactive FMV film in which players operate a series of traps and security cameras in a rural area. The plot centers on a group of girls who spend the night, unaware that the grounds are filled with vampiric creatures. It’s up to the players to watch the girls and set up traps to keep them alive.

Due to its “violent content”, Night trap sparked an uproar that led to a Senate hearing and ultimately the creation of the ESRB. In reality, the game is campy and ridiculous, but also an important part of entertainment history. Its historical significance alone justifies a game by all players.

7 Fantasy star

Phantasy Star SEGA Ages

Fans of RPG games will definitely want to get their hands on the re-release of the original Fantasy star. The game was originally released in 1987 on the Sega Master System. At the time, it was revolutionary to have such a full RPG world on a console (it came out the same month as the original Final fantasy).

What really did Fantasy star stand out was its 3D dungeon levels. It was one of the first games outside of the arcade to really create 3D levels, and audiences took note. The game was so popular that it launched a series of titles, including another groundbreaking game, Fantastic Star Online for the Dreamcast, which holds the Guinness World Record for being the first MMORPG console game.

6 SEGA Genesis Classics

SEGA Genesis Classics

For any player looking to get their money’s worth, the Classics of Genesis the collection is a must buy. The collection includes some of the best Genesis / Mega Drive titles that are not available for purchase alone, including Streets of rage, man vector, Brilliant strength, and more.

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The collection has over 50 games and even added new features like the ability to save a game, as well as online multiplayer. It’s a great way for all SEGA fans to replay their favorite classics in a whole new way.

5 Herzog Zwei

Herzog Zwei for Switch

In Herzog Zwei, players use a flying combat robot. Thanks to the robot, players can purchase and deploy troops in the hope of overtaking enemy bases. It is considered to be one of the earliest real-time strategy games, even prior to Dune II nearly three years.

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In fact, gamers are likely to notice some rough similarities to later games like StarCraft, proving lasting power Herzog Zwei had on the genre. The Switch version even has an online multiplayer mode, allowing friends to compete against each other.

4 Space harrier

Space Harrier for Switch

Space harrier is a third-person rail shooter that SEGA originally released in arcades in 1985, and eventually ported to Master System and even the hapless 32X. In the game, a human named Harrier must use his jet pistol to save an alien world.

The game isn’t exactly known for its gripping storyline, but rather for its fast-paced, on-rails gameplay. Its speed and action create a really fun SNES-like experience Star fox (even if Space harrier arguably has better graphics). Best of all, the Switch version has a much better frame rate and controls, which leads to an incredibly smooth gaming experience.

3 Panzer Dragon

Panzer Dragoon Remake

In 2020, a remaster of the classic Sega Saturn game, Panzer Dragon, has been freed. Panzer Dragon is a rail shooting game where players soar through the air on a dragon, taking down enemies. One of the hallmarks of the game was that players could move the angle of the camera, which was essential at certain points in the fight.

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What made the new game so interesting is that it was designed to be just a remastered version of the original 1995 game. Despite the massive graphics improvement, the title remains pretty much the same. There have been a few adjustments to the controls to allow for better handling for modern players, but overall this is a remastered replica of the original.

2 Sonic the hedgehog 2

Sonic the hedgehog 2

Critically and commercially, Sonic the hedgehog 2 is considered one of the best Sonic games of all time. SEGA took what worked in the first game and added to it, such as the addition of a new character, Miles “Tails” Prower; extended level designs; 3D bonus rounds; and even multiplayer.

Understandably, the game was critically acclaimed upon release and was subsequently included in many Sonic game collections, as well as receiving ports for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and a 2013 remaster. Switch version even allows players to play as Knuckles, which was originally only unlockable when the Sonic 2 the cartridge was moored above Sonic and Knuckles.

1 Sonic the hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Ages

No SEGA fan can think of retro gaming without thinking of the original Sonic game. The 1991 title helped put SEGA’s Genesis / Mega Drive console in the limelight, and even gave Nintendo a run for their money, leading them to engage in the notoriously competitive ‘console wars’ of the’ 90s. .

What a set Sonic the hedgehog apart from other platform games, it was the speed of the game. Sonic was not a slow character who meandered through a level. Instead, it worked its way through the levels in a fast-paced adventure, leading to a gaming experience that players had never seen before.

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