10 goofy anime villains we can’t help but look for


Anime villains serve a number of purposes. They can be intimidating threats to heroes and form obstacles for the protagonists to overcome in order to become stronger, but anime villains can also be funny and full of personality. For the villains of the latter camp, it’s easy to want to see more and even foster their success.

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These villains often exhibit unpredictable behavior, have hilarious personality quirks, and tend to fail their ultimate goals despite everything they have. They are constantly thwarted by their own awkward incompetence, which makes sympathizing with them as fun as rooting for the protagonist.

ten Twice brings Deadpool’s energy to anime villains (My Hero Academia)

My hero university fans have compared Twice to Marvel’s Deadpool and the similarities are clear. The masked character regularly delivers expressive emotions and hilarious lines thanks to a verbal tic that constantly makes him declare the opposite of what he said last. While Twice may oppose Deku and his friends in the grand scheme of things, his split-personality antics offer the lightest of any villain in the series. If that wasn’t enough, seeing his story also did wonders in convincing viewers to feel sympathetic towards him.

9 Team Rocket explodes again (Pokémon)

Team Rocket Pokemon Black And White 2

Jessie, James and Meowth are the perfect examples of villains who can’t take a break, and their signature “Team Rocket is flying again!” slogan represents this to a tee. Their success rate against Ash Ketchum is surprisingly low, despite some really wacky patterns that make them a pleasure to watch.

Beyond their quest for revenge on the young Pokemon trainer, they have also been seen doing odd jobs to make money, as most of their funds are likely going to equipment designed to thwart Ash.

8 Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti has a brain that keeps shaking (Re: Zero)

Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti is more than cruel, but his inhumanity often contrasts with the bubbly and unpredictable demeanor he displays. Fantastically animated by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the Mad Villain has grown into a character that fans love to hate and eagerly await his next appearance.

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His comedic nature gives fans a false sense of security ahead of his inevitable next gruesome act, and as a result, Re: Zero viewers are almost always looking to see more of Sin Archbishop.

7 Tokushiro Tsurumi is still a wild card (Golden Kamuy)

Golden Kamuy Tokushirou Tsurumi

On the surface, Lieutenant Tsurumi is a fiercely intelligent man who should not be laughed at. Yet when he’s not looking for Ainu Gold, his visible head injury leaves him vulnerable to mood swings and awkward behavior unworthy of his rank.

It’s at times like when he hires a costumed bear to boost a soldier’s morale or gets into an insignificant brawl with his superior, that fans want him to stay longer so they can see what he does next.

6 Dio Brando wants to rid the world of the Joestar family and look fabulous doing it (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Dio becomes an immortal vampire with a stone mask

The Joestar lineage has been a thorn in Dio Brando’s side for as long as he can remember. Still, Dio’s proud and tenacious personality would never let him stop his crusade against the Star Family, and for better or worse, that makes Dio an anime villain that fans can’t look away from. Whether he’s striking a fabulous pose or acting so outrageous that he looks like a Saturday morning cartoon, there’s something endearing about how over-the-top Dio’s antics can be.

5 Jeremiah Gottwald is a man who tries to be more than an orange (Code Geass)

After being accused of an act he did not commit, Jeremiah Gottwald joined in with the oranges. In addition to being associated with a fruit forever, the man has gone from accident to accident in his attempts to get revenge on Zero and prove himself to the Holy British Empire.

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Wanting Orange Boy to experience some success after all of his trials and tribulations is natural, and his eventual change of mind is the best reward fans could have asked for.

4 Buggy the Clown Has Noble Aspirations (One Piece)

Anime One Piece Buggy The Surprised Clown

As one of One Piece’s most well-known villains, Buggy the Clown has an impressive legacy. However, this is largely a legacy of awkward mistakes, accidentally swallowing his devil fruit when his teammate Shanks caught him being outmaneuvered by Nami and Luffy at the very beginning of the game. A play. Buggy’s tenacity is admirable, and his later-than-ever attempts to climb the ranks of the pirate world are a lot of fun to watch.

3 Speed-O’-Sound Sonic does his best to beat his rival (One-Punch Man)

One Punch Man Anti-Hero

Choosing a fight with Saitama is an uphill battle for everything Man with a fist character, but Speed-o’-Sound Sonic had a hard time. The faster-than-light villain got punched in the groin by the legendary protagonist, and it would be easy to assume that Sonic called him after that. However, Sonic kept trying to get revenge on his rival Saitama, and while the end result is still the same, it deserves some respect.

2 Gentle Criminal and La Brava give Villainy a chic edge (My Hero Academia)

Sweet criminal spoils his tea

As heroes turned villains, Gentle Criminal and La Brava redefine what it means to be a criminal in the world of My hero university. With a polite and eccentric personality, Gentle Criminal lives to be theatrical and achieve fame by making videos online of his infamous acts.

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Yet for all his confidence, the man doesn’t seem to convince anyone with his words, and the love between him and his biggest fan-turned-sidekick, La Brava, is truly heartwarming.

1 Hisoka Morow just wants to have a good time (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka Hunter review

Hisoka’s clown appearance downplays the fact that he is a dangerous and often unpredictable threat to the characters in Hunter x hunter. But beneath this intimidating surface, man just wants to find worthy opponents to beat.

In doing so, Hisoka also displays more comedic reactions to those around him, and his Joker-esque nature ensures that fans never quite know which side he’s on. No matter what he does next, Hunter x hunter fans are ready to be entertained by him.

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