10 games that could inspire a third movie

sonic the hedgehog 2 was so well received that a third installment is almost certain to happen. While the sequel drew inspiration from previous video games with the inclusion of Knuckles’ narrative, there was also a lot of creative originality with the production. There are so many titles that a third movie could consider source material.

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Whether Paramount and SEGA want to take the general narrative rhythms of these games, or perhaps just use the characters in the same way, these success stories are surely a good starting point to look at some of the other stories that could be told with Sonic and its iconic universe.


Honorable Mention: Sonic Prime (TBD)

Sonic watches the multiverse portals in Sonic Prime

Prime Sonic is actually an upcoming TV show that seems to take Sonic across the multiverse through all sorts of crazy realities. It’s an intriguing concept and one that points to one of the best cinematic variations of the franchises to date. Paramount will be very production conscious as they create a third film.

What’s interesting is that there are a lot of rumors that a tie-in game is also in development, which will be released alongside the series despite the idea being repeatedly shot down. the Sonic the franchise has done this in the past, so it still seems like a possible storyline. SEGA could spur a third movie that ties in perfectly with the story told here as the range of dimensions expands on screen.

Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)

Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Garden

The platform title from SEGA and Sonic Team USA is certainly among the best video games developed with the titular protagonist. It’s fast, whimsical and vibrant, playing perfectly in the tone of big-screen adaptations. But the narrative told here also meshes well with what Paramount is trying to do.

The game really splits the plot into two halves. It follows the team of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, and conversely the trio of Shadow, Eggman and Rouge. The former team being now constituted within the Sonic franchise and Shadow heading to the sequel, it would make sense for the production team to turn to this title for script inspiration.

Sonic Mania (2017)

Sonic Mania green hill area

Sonic Mania from Christian Whitehead, Headcannon and PagodaWest Games really pays homage to the classic Sonic games in terms of game mechanics and even retro aesthetics. Narratively speaking, this is also where the movie franchise has come to.

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Sonic Mania focuses on the core group of Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles, as they learn to combine their fighting styles and form a secure unit. That’s thematically where the next movie could be heading, although the game also moves into maps seen from previous game entries that could consequently feature in a third installment as well. Sonic’s transformation into Super Sonic would be a grand on-screen finale.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

Sonic Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, much like some of the previous entries in this franchise, includes Sonic among its impressive roster. Sora Ltd., BANDAI NAMCO Studios and Nintendo have created such an iconic combat experience, featuring characters from across video game history.

Why couldn’t a third party Sonic movie is starting to head in that direction, so that Nintendo and SEGA can unite again and create an iconic display of video game history on the big screen? The likelihood of this happening is very small, especially in a Sonic movie rather than a spin-off, but a finale that leads into that kind of project would take audiences by surprise.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (2014)

A cutscene from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on Wii U

It’s not considered one of the best games in the game. Sonic series and is actually based on the Supersonic Detonation Original TV series. However, where the title might fall short when it comes to its gameplay mechanics, it makes up for the risks it takes by telling its story.

With a brand new Sonic antagonist in Lyric, Rise of lyrics by Big Red Button attempts to expand the Sonic lore without losing the flavor of what came before. It largely does, featuring the core crew seen on the show of Knuckles, Amy Rose, Sonic, and Tails. With the likes of Metal Sonic thrown into the mix, it hits all the right beats for a compelling big-screen adaptation that refreshes the franchise.

Sonic Lost World (2013)

An image of Sonic running along the walls smiling as the Deadly Six pursue him.

sonic lost world is all about its villains. The Sonic Teams and Dimps adventure title features many of the familiar gameplay elements that fans have come to expect from the franchise. Even the premise is pretty straightforward when it comes to the remarkably expected twists.

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But the game absolutely establishes the alien group known as the Deadly Six, as Sonic tries to outrun his master plan. This isn’t the team’s only appearance, but if Paramount is looking for a great game to draw inspiration from to replace Eggman as the antagonist, then lost world is where they should turn next.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (2007)

Another title that comes from a larger and seemingly endless franchise that seems almost certain never to make it to the screen, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is still the kind of experience fans wish they could one day adapt.

The competition between these two legendary video game teams is out of this world, and while the mini-challenges are great fun, the idea that Sonic and Mario could one day face off on the big screen is tantalizing. It’s probably an impossible scenario, but a small appearance of Mario in sonic the hedgehog 3 would amaze the audience.

Sound Generations (2011)

Sonic Generations Sonic Sqaud Mod

Time travel could be the next step for the Sonic franchise, though that’s not the only direction this fast-paced series can head. Whatever, Sound Generations is a great model to follow if the production team is looking for a way to make this sci-fi concept work.

The game was developed by Sonic Team and SEGA and sees the titular Sonic and his friend Tails working alongside earlier versions of themselves. In an age of cute character inclusions from Grogu to Baby Groot, it seems like a pretty marketable idea to have a young, lovable Sonic learning the ropes from his older iteration.

Sound Frontiers (2022)

Sonic stands in front of the open world of Sonic Frontiers

This hasn’t even been released yet, but from what fans know so far sound borders, it seems to be the franchise’s most ambitious project to date. The Sonic Team experience is sure to make waves at Paramount as the game’s success is expected ahead of its launch.

The idea that the third movie could tie into this video game wouldn’t be completely surprising. The open world setup may be something that could bleed into Sonic 3, as audiences are taken on a greater journey through the vast dimensions the Hedgehog once called home.

Sound Forces (2017)

sonic raw infinite forces

Of all the games Sonic franchise, Sonic forces would lead the cinematic iteration of the character on a mission with as high stakes as possible. It would spark the most ambitious narrative yet, one where the villains actually won; at least to start.

Sonic forces follows Sonic and his allies as they form a resistance group, battling against the antagonists’ doomsday regime. With Mercenary’s newest villain Infinite joining the ranks, this Sonic Team title could be just what Paramount needs to take this series to blockbuster level.

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