10 characters that Rody Soul would be friends with

The world of My hero university was again extended in the third feature film, Mission of the heroes of the world. This movie has been set all over the world, hence its name, but it largely focused on the fictional European nation of Otheon, where protagonist Izuku Midoriya met a big-hearted thug named Rody Soul.

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Rody Soul is skeptical of heroes and true justice, as heroes are rare in his homeland, and he often has to resort to theft and other crimes to support his beloved little brother and sister. Despite these difficulties, Rody proved he had the true heart of a hero when he helped Izuku fight against the Humarise organization and put an end to his plans. If Rody Soul visited Japan and met the other My hero university characters, he would befriend many of them. Who?

ten Kyoka Jiro is cool and stylish, like Rody

kyoka jiro mha

Kyoka Jiro is a sonic hero who plays a supporting role in most battles. She can use her Jack Quirk headphones to hear people from afar, even through solid walls, and she can also emit powerful sound shock waves to knock down enemies. But there is more to her than that.

Kyoka is a lover of everything rock and punk, and she has always been gifted with music. She is known for her cool rocker character and pragmatic ways, and her tough but kind personality would make a big impression on Rody Soul. He would love to hear her music.

9 Mirio Togata is the second Izuku

mirio mha

Rody Soul didn’t like Izuku at first, but the two boys quickly learned to get along, and soon enough, Rody was inspired by Izuku’s fierce determination to save the day no matter what. This prompted Rody to push his limits to help end the Humarise threat, despite his serious injuries.

While Rody is happy to hang out with gung-ho hero Izuku Midoriya, he would also be happy to meet the powerful Mirio Togata, who is actually just an older, more confident version of Izuku, including his ‘rags to wealth’ narrative arc. where his Quirk is concerned.

8 Introducing the mic is just too cool

MHA Present Micro

Rody Soul isn’t the most outgoing guy, but he has a taste for adventure, and he would love to meet some colorful individuals to cheer him up and show him how exciting the world can be. After what he went through, Rody could bear to have a few friends who would turn everything into a party.

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Rody Soul would be amused to meet Present Mic, the sonic UA teacher who hosts his own radio show and has a cool punk outfit to match. Any day spent with Present Mic would be a memorable adventure for someone like Rody Soul, perhaps in small doses.

7 Eijiro Kirishima has a manly mind

Eijiro Kirishima has always admired the hero Crimson Riot, who embodies the pinnacle of heroic and manly spirit – and now Eijiro has vowed to become the hero known as Red Riot. Eijiro has his own insecurities to overcome, such as the “boring” nature of his Hardening Quirk, but he’s working on it.

Eijiro is a confident and likeable man who can empower and lift the spirits of his friends with his manly wit, and Rody Soul would find that refreshing, compared to the shady and dishonest people he dated in Otheon. It’s easy to get along with Eijiro Kirishima.

6 Itsuka Kendo is a cool type of big sister

Itsuka Kendo is like a combination of Kyoka Jiro and Eijiro Kirishima, the big sister of Class 1-B, who speaks hard but kind. She is also the class representative and has a strong sense of responsibility. Plus, Itsuka is the only person who can keep the rambunctious Neito Monoma online, and Rody would respect that.

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Rody would also respect Itsuka’s fierce belief as a brave hero in training, and he would also appreciate Itsuka’s tactical acumen and cunning wit. She’s almost like a self-sufficient thug who saw the light and became a hero instead of a punk.

5 Rikido Sato is a gentle giant

Rikido sato holding his neck

The towering melee hero Rikido Sato tends to blend in with the background, as he is overshadowed by Izuku, Shoto, and Bakugo every time he appears. Still, it’s easy to see that Rikido is a likeable person with a lot to offer, and Rody Soul would recognize him as a gentle spirit worthy of trust and respect.

Above all, Rody wanted to build a happy and comfortable home life for his family, and he would be inspired if he saw the humble and kind Rikido at work in his kitchen, baking pastries to fuel his Quirk based on sugar. Rikido is a great example of gentle strength and a willingness to use it for good.

4 Tenya Iida understands the value of family

tenya iida happy

Rody Soul is the eldest of the three and after the death of his father, Rody has become the guardian of his little brother and sister, a serious responsibility that means everything to him. Rody will do anything, whether heroic or villainous, to deal with them, and that’s something running hero Tenya Iida can relate to.

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Tenya would not resort to petty crime to support her own family, and neither would her heroic brother, Tensei. Still, Tenya and Rody have a few things in common, and they know what it is like to put a sibling’s needs before their own.

3 Momo Yaoyorozu is bright and kind

Rody Soul is more than a thug and an outlaw who takes care of his brother and sister. He also dreams of becoming a pilot, and he has been seen studying aviation late at night to make that dream come true one day. He understands the value of hard work and he needs a study partner.

Momo Yaoyorozu is the top student in Class 1-A, and she would gladly help Rody study to become a pilot, and they can become good friends by chatting along the way. Like Momo, Rody has a heart that burns with passion.

2 Denki Kaminari can get along with anyone

Denki smiles and raises his hand

Denki Kaminari might not have good grades, but this electric hero is still determined to be successful and he is also easy to get along with. It actually sometimes serves as a stabilizing element in Class 1-A, and you could say it is the glue that holds the class together.

Rody wouldn’t mind taking a break and having a fun afternoon with Denki at the arcade or some fun place like that, and they could swap stories about their respective adventures. Rody, who struggles with his aviation studies, can give Denki a few nice words about studying, and that should cheer Denki up.

1 Mina Ashido is fun to be around

Mina Ashido stretches

Overall, Rody Soul can befriend just about anyone who has a warm personality and an open mind, and that includes the cheerful acid girl Mina Ashido. Mina is one of the more sociable students in Class 1-A, and she also tends to associate people romantically in her mind, showing how much she cares for the happiness of others.

Rody would love Mina’s upbeat and carefree personality, and he would find it easy to relax and have fun in her company. Maybe he, Mina, and Denki can all visit downtown Tokyo and find something fun to do together.

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