10 Characters Everyone Thinks Are Crazy But End Up Being Right

It seems almost every movie features some kind of woke character, wise beyond their years, who knows everything, only to have them completely ignored. It’s an overused trope, but it can sometimes work so effectively, whether for laughs or for scare.

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There aren’t many things that a supernatural horror and a children’s movie about a hedgehog have in common, but if the protagonists listened to people they thought were crazy, they would have had fewer problems.

Crazy Carl (from Sonic The Hedgehog)

Crazy Carl in Sonic The Hedgehog

In sonic the hedgehogFun as the movie is, Sonic is portrayed as a bit of a creep at first, as he spies on humans and pretends to be part of their families. And it’s all the more bizarre since no one knows it exists, except for one person. He might not be the friendliest character in Sonic, due to being so inaccessible; but because of that, people don’t take what Crazy Carl has to say seriously.


Carl knows of Sonic’s existence, but everyone laughs at him when he tries to explain himself. And because he doesn’t know much about the alien, Carl simply calls him “the blue devil.” It’s a pretty accurate moniker, as Sonic can run faster than the speed of light and is always up for mischief.

Mr. Meiks (of fragility)

Papa Meeks protects his sons in Frailty.

Fragility is one of the most underrated horror movies ever made because it has everything that makes classic horror, like suspense, scares, and a shocking plot. The supernatural movie is about a man convinced that God told him to kill demons disguised as humans.

This is an outrageous claim and something no sane person would believe. The idea is quickly dismissed and Mr. Meiks is branded a serial killer. However, at the end of the film, it is revealed that Mr. Meiks was telling the truth all along.

Sarah Connor (From Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

Sarah Connor in Terminator 2

After the events of the first film, in Terminator 2: Judgment DaySarah is arrested and thrown into a mental asylum because she believes a cyborg is out to kill her (and also because she tried to blow up a computer factory.) No one believed her, but who can blame them?

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The idea of ​​a cyborg being sent from the future to kill her is so ridiculous, but it’s also so rewarding when she’s right. The T-800 raids the mental asylum to find her, and Sarah’s psychiatrist, who has gaslighted her for years, cannot believe his eyes.

Ace (from Chicken Little)

Chicken Little rings a bell because the sky is falling

Little chicken tells the famous Anglo-Saxon fairy tale by Henny Penny, but it does it in such a unique way. Ace almost runs like a headless chicken as he shouts to the townspeople that the sky is falling. It’s such an outrageous claim that everyone laughs at it.

However, a year later, it’s revealed that the chicken was right all along, sort of. The sky that fell and hit Ace on the head isn’t exactly a piece of the sky, but a panel from a hidden UFO. Although the twist seems absurd, it’s a lovely little film, and some think it’s one of the most underrated Disney films.

Benjamin Franklin Gates (from the National Treasure)

Benjamin Franklin Gates holding a torch in National Treasure

The story of national treasure is ridiculous but still so fun, but from Benjamin Franklin Gates’ perspective, it must be so frustrating. The historian has outrageous claims no one ever believes, like the existence of a map that leads to lost treasure on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

Even when he proves he’s right about something, it’s not enough for any of the characters to get fully involved, and Ben must continually prove himself right over and over again. Even his wife and best friend didn’t believe him in the sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets either, even though they were with him on the first adventure. And if national treasure 3 is finally released, they probably won’t believe it either.

Kate Dibiasky and Randall Mindy (from Don’t Look Up)

Leo DiCaprio was responsible for the devastating last line of Don't Look Up

Most Don’t look up A 2.5 hour runtime follows Kate Dibiasky and Randall Mindy trying to convince people that a comet is going to hit the planet and wipe out all of humanity, but everyone ignores them, the media presents them to the public as if they had completely lost their marbles.

Because of this, some have argued that Don’t look up scammed Little chicken. The way the film presents the public’s response to Kate and Randall’s findings is interesting, because it’s almost as if people knew it was true but chose not to believe it.

Nicholas Van Orton (from the game)

Michael Douglas in The Game

The game is director David Fincher’s most underrated film, and it features a twist as great as those found in his other thrillers. Seven and fight club. The whole premise of the 1997 film is how all these incredibly bad things keep happening to a wealthy stockbroker, but no one believes him.

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He has no idea why all these bad things are happening to him, but it gets so bad that his bank account is mysteriously wiped out and he is left penniless and homeless, and no one believes he is. ever been a wealthy businessman. The result is one of the greatest surprises of all time.

Kenneth (of unguaranteed security)

Scene safety not guaranteed

Security not ensured follows Darius, an investigative reporter who answers an ad asking for a partner to time travel with. The supposed time traveler, Kenneth, walks off like he has no idea what he’s talking about, and alarm bells immediately start ringing in Darius’ head.

Again, Kenneth’s beliefs are so fantastic that why would anyone believe him, especially since he acts so restless all the time. However, unexpectedly, it turns out he’s been telling the truth the entire time, and he does have a time machine.

Harold Crick (from Stranger Than Fiction)

On the face of it, Harold Crick is the most mundane movie character ever, because he works for the IRS and has such a scheduled life that he even brushes his teeth at the same time every day. However, he also has the most interesting life ever, as a female voice that only he can hear narrates everything he does.

Everything the female voice says about her future comes true. When he tries to confide in someone about it, of course, no one believes this far-fetched story. But it turns out it’s somehow connected to a novel by an acclaimed author, and Harold is a character in the novel.

Howard Stambler (10 Cloverfield Lane)

In 10 Cloverfield Lane, Michelle randomly wakes up in Howard’s bunker having never met him before. He is told that he is unsure of going out because the planet has been invaded by Martians. And he then tells her that she can’t leave for two years.

If anyone were in Michelle’s shoes, they would think it was obvious that he was abducted. But it turns out Howard was right and there is an alien invasion. However, it is also revealed that Howard is also a psychopath, and even though he was right about the alien invasion, he would do anything to protect his bunker.

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