10 best retro games that have made a modern comeback


A true classic never goes out of style, and that can certainly be said in the video game world. Of course, the industry may be famous for its modern, realistic graphics and immersive gameplay these days. But when it comes to good old-fashioned games made in the dead of night by screen glow, nothing beats these tried and true favorites.

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Even the game developers themselves know this, and they didn’t get it right away. The series that helped build the industry have released several remakes, remasters, and mainstream returns in recent years. That being said, it’s quite surprising how many familiar faces have returned.

ten The Legend of Zelda (descendant titles)

The Legend of Zelda Link Awakening Rupee Discovery

Seeing how the famous adventure series never really went out of style, it’s more of an honorable mention. Before Link was swinging various bladed weapons, riding his shield, and rescuing divine beasts, he was attacking dungeons, collecting treasure, and saving princesses with a top-down perspective.

With the recent remake of Link’s awakening and the phenomenal adventure that has been a link between worlds, it is clear that the style is not out of fashion. How else would you explain the number of copiers and tributes?

9 The Mana series

Examining Mana Trials

As many retro gamers know, the Mana the show was a little weird. A strange hybrid of Final fantasy and THE legend of Zelda, this series was indeed ahead of its time. With the recent Mana trials released for the Nintendo Switch, the fanbase is still present for this fantastic epic.

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It is a hack and slash adventure with a group of multiple characters, weapons and spells against the forces of darkness. Perfect for those who like a little more magic in their dungeon crawlers.

8 Baldur’s Gate Series

dark alliance box art baldur gate (cropped)

With the action-packed remake of Dark Alliance well on the horizon, it is only fair that this series of manufacturers of Dungeons and Dragons gets some respect. The popular PC RPG has now found its way into the hands of console owners for a new generation of adventures.

While it is true that the recently released editions are essentially polished ports, they still serve as the perfect substitute when the D&D night is canceled or canceled.

7 Original Dragon Quest series

Although the Builders Games can certainly give Minecraft a run for its money, there’s a reason the Dragon Quest series is such a beloved JRPG. A bit basic, but at the same time it has all the essentials for a tried and true adventure.

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With DQXI Being equipped with a classic mode and recently announced DQIII with an HD-2D remake on the way, it’s clear that the series can still build on the traditional RPG method. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

6 Pac-Man

Pac Man 99 logo

Pac-Man is timeless, and it’s clear as day. However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried a few new things in recent years. With the introduction of Pac-Man 99, players around the world have discovered a new way to experience what the Phantom-Muncher has to offer.

Separated from Championship editions, there weren’t many new things Pac-Man material lately. However, combined with the madness of a battle royale, a whole new group of players once again has this arcade rush.

5 Tetris

Tetris has never been unpopular per se, but it has recently gained a place in the limelight. Along with Tetris 99 and other spin-offs, the iconic puzzle tries to stay with a new generation of players.

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There is nothing wrong with it, but it is quite remarkable how many ways you can play the same game. New elements and excitement, the falling blocks come in more shapes and colors than a first. thought. At least give the developers some creativity points.

4 Loss

Official Doom Eternal Doom Guy Slayer Art

It goes without saying, but the popular FPS juggernaut has essentially reinvented itself with the Bethesda remake in 2016. Since the high-definition reincarnation slaughtered on consoles, gamers are once again faced with the exhilaration and carnage of the original title.

2016 Loss was one of the most incredible shooters of the past decades, but he paved the way for the next chapter in the franchise and gave gamers Doom Eternal. Talk about a sparkle.

3 Sonic the hedgehog

This one might need a bit of clarification. Along with characters like Mario and Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog is a character that no longer needs to be introduced. However, the modern Sonic is far removed from its traditional roots. But with the introduction of Sonic mania, the Blue Blur has seen a comeback.

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This is how Sonic is meant to be played. The fast-paced arcade platform action is what made Sonic what he is. Without it, he’s just an ordinary gaming mascot.

2 Samurai clash

One of the most underrated fighting games that ever existed, Samurai Shodown put a different spin on the martial arts tournament. By presenting a variety of characters with all kinds of bladed weapons, players got to experience a Bushido style brawler.

With a remake and re-introduction of NEO-GEO titles on modern consoles like the Switch, there may be hope that the series will find itself alongside giants like street fighter and Mortal combat.

1 Various Pokémon remakes

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon is probably one of the most popular game franchises in history, but even they know the allure of vintage games. Why else would they reintroduce the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh for the Nintendo Switch?

They may not be remakes in the conventional sense, but they find a classic formula and environments for more modern players. If it looks like a duck and quack like a duck, as the saying goes. Call a Pikachu a Pikachu, right?

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