10 Best Minigames That Became Standalone Videogames

On July 7 this year, CD Projekt Red released the roguelike deckbbuilder GWENT: thief mage, which is a single player expansion of the free card game GWENT: The Witcher’s Card Game. Although it was originally a mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GWENT became its own spin-off title which continues to be popular to this day.

Although most minigames are just tiny parts of a larger experience, some of them manage to be so impactful, enjoyable, and memorable that they are later released separately. These rare examples, like Geometry Wars, have grown beyond their minigame roots.


Midnight Ghost Hunt (2022)

Released in Early Access this year by Coffee Stain Publishing, which previously released goat simulator and Valheim, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a multiplayer game heavily inspired by Prop Hunt, which is a game mode originally a mod in Garry’s mod. Similar to Prop Hunt, some players have the option to transform into any prop around the game map, and other players have to try to find the fake props.

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In addition to having a “horror” aesthetic with the Halloween-themed maps and players imitating ghosts, this game stands out from the rest. Prop Hunt-esque titles by allowing ghosts to unlock various abilities and hunters to unlock various weapons. Additionally, once the game clock strikes midnight, the roles are reversed, with the hunters being hunted by the ghosts instead.

Witch (2020)

Published by Daedalic Entertainment, who developed the environment-focused point-and-click adventure game A New Beginning – Final Cut, Witch It is a comic multiplayer game of 2020 and another Prop Hunt-inspirational title. Contrary to Midnight Ghost Hunt, players who can transform into props are witches rather than ghosts, but there’s still a wide variety of abilities and weapons for witches and hunters.

Players can also customize the costumes and designs of their witches and hunters, and there is an in-game map editor for players to create their own unique maps. With over 15 official cards and several game modes, including “Fill a Pot” where witches must fill cauldrons with certain accessories before time runs out, this game contains hours of hide-and-seek fun.

Chao Resort Island (2017)

In the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance games, players could access the Chao Gardens, which are mini-game areas where the player can raise their own cute creatures called “Chao”. Besides some references and an inaccessible version in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, this minigame has mostly disappeared from official modern titles although it is still popular with Sonic Fans.

To fill this void, an indie game developer named Nefault1st created a fangame in 2017 titled Chao Resort Island, which is an expanded version of this beloved mini-game. With a beautiful pixel art style and the latest major update in 2021, this free game not only allows the player to raise and play with their own Chao, but also allows players to customize their Chao, decorate their island and play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rogue or Cream.

Backpack Hero (2022)

One of the most influential action horror titles is the 2005 game Resident Evil 4, which popularized the over-the-shoulder third-person camera perspective and fundamentally changed the survival horror genre. Years later, this iconic installment, set for a remake in 2023, has continued to inspire other games in various ways. This includes the turn-based deck-building roguelike backpack hero, which was released in Early Access on August 15 of this year.

Although the inventory management system of RE4 is only part of the larger experience, backpack hero makes it the central game mechanic. While exploring the randomly generated dungeons and fighting many unique enemies, the player will obtain items and weapons which he must place in the grid-like inventory of his backpack. Depending on how the player arranges these items, they will impact the player’s attack power, defenses, and abilities.

Save Room – Organization Puzzle (2022)

Another game entirely centered around inventory management is the puzzle game. Save Room – Organization Puzzle, which was released earlier this year. During each level, the player must rearrange all items so that they match the available inventory tiles. To make room, players may need to combine gunpowder to craft ammo, combine herbs to craft healing items, reload weapons, and heal the protagonist.

Given that the game only focuses on inventory puzzles, it’s an extremely relaxing title despite its resident Evil influences. Although there is no gameplay outside of inventory, players can still examine item descriptions, which adds to the experience.

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp (2021)

Created as an extended version of the bonus mini-game Ultimate Talent Development Plan of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is an RPG board game that features characters from the franchise’s three main installments and Danganronpa Another episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Set on Jabberwock Island, the characters attempt to obtain the Shards of Hope from each other during their 50-day summer camp.

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After unlocking a character through the gacha system, the player can upgrade it by progressing through six different boards, and upgraded characters can be used to attempt to battle through the Tower of Despair. With over 60 characters to unlock and 1,000 possible events, this game is perfect for fans of the series.

Orlog – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dice Set (2021)

A little after Assassin’s Creed Valhalla released in 2020, the dice mini-game, Orlog, became such an unexpected success that the developer, Ubisoft, teamed up with gaming collectibles producer PureArts to create physical sets of the game. In the fictional world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Orlog was a popular game among Norse and Anglo-Saxons.

However Orlog didn’t actually exist in the past, this physical version of this two-player game has been available since late 2021. Each player receives a set of six dice which they throw into their own dice bowl to decide their attack and skill. defense as well as how many God Favor tokens they receive. Using their abilities and possible god favor cards, each player tries to bring the other player’s health down to zero, which is represented by polished stones.

GWENT: The Witcher’s Card Game (2018)

Originally presented as a mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is a free card game of 2018 which is unique from other titles in the genre. In this two-player turn-based game, each player tries to earn the most points at the end of two out of three possible rounds.

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Using cards from one of six different factions that each have different playstyles, each player has a deck of 25 cards. Depending on the map, they can go in melee or ranged rows and have different power levels and abilities. Although players can choose to use any of the cards in their hand during their turn, they can only draw three new cards per turn, so it’s important to save cards when possible.

BattleBlock Theater (2013)

Developed by The Behemoth, who also created extraterrestrial hominid and Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater is a 2013 comedy puzzle platformer where players must cross dangerous obstacles, collect gems, and reach the end without dying. This game is directly inspired by the PDA mini-games of Extraterrestrial hominid.

After the SS Friendship sinks on an island ruled by cats, the ship’s captain, Hatty Hattington, is possessed by a shiny top hat and the rest of the crew are imprisoned. To save his friends, the player must participate in deadly games.

Geometry Wars series (2005-2014)

Originally created as an easter egg mini-game in 2003 Gotham Racing 2 Project, Geometry Wars is a series of top-down, multi-directional arcade shooters that have garnered their own cult following. Minigame version was remade in the 2005 standalone game Geometry Wars: retro evolved, which was one of the most popular games on the Xbox Live Arcade.

The player controls a ship as it tries to survive as long as possible against an endless swarm of vibrant neon enemies. After the success of the original, other entries were made, including the latest installment, Geometry Wars 3: Evolved Dimensions, in 2014.

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