10 Best Fan-Made Doom Games You Must Play


The first-person shooter genre remains one of the most popular in games. There are many iconic games in this category, but few made an impact in 1993. Loss. Originally released on MS-DOS via free shareware, the game was a near instant success, offering a style of play that was still new at the time.

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From the early years of the game’s life, fans decided to improve themselves and create completely new games based on the source code. The code was released in 1997, and countless fans have taken advantage of it by designing new games for those who just can’t get enough rips.

ten FooM

When Loss was originally released, one of the most popular types of PC games was Text Adventures. Although few in number by today’s standards, these games were popular among PC users due to the limited processing of most computers at the time. FooM adapted Doom’s first level in a text-based adventure format, allowing those with weaker computers to enjoy the game a bit. While only the first level has been used, every little detail has been described. Like in the original game, players had to fight their enemies and even keep an eye on their health.

9 Doom 4 Vanilla

the Loss The series saw a resurgence in popularity with the release of a reboot in 2016 and a sequel in 2020. These new games are much more violent and faster, and fans love them for that. Many players enjoy the gameplay present in the next gen entries, but still yearn for the classic style. It’s here that Doom 4 Vanilla comes into play. The game takes assets from 2016 Loss, called Doom 4 by many fans, and forward them to Doom II. This allows fans to enjoy the more violent and fast-paced gameplay of the most modern Loss, in a style they are more familiar with. The game features new weapons and new character animations to perfectly merge the two.

8 2D Doom

The fusion of genres is nothing new. There are many examples of games of one genre modified to play like another. One of the best known examples is 2D Doom. The game takes first-person action from Loss and adapts it into a side scrolling shooter game similar to Contra or the original Duke Nukem.

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The game takes sprites of Loss and even ports on classic sound effects. Players appreciate the game for offering a Loss experience, in a completely different environment. Although the genre is different, the feel of the game is still very Loss.

7 Sonic Robo Blast 2

Another game franchise that has a plethora of fan games, is Sonic the hedgehog. It seemed inevitable that these two games would intersect, and that they did so with Sonic Robo Blast 2. Although more than one Sonic a game Loss Thu, Sonic Robo Blast 2 takes the classic Sega character and does a new adventure using the Loss engine. A third person Sonic game had been made before, but many fans never agree so well as that. The game allows fans to experience this classic Sonic feeling, while Doom’s fingerprints are everywhere. Although certainly more family-friendly, Sonic Robo Blast 2 offers pleasures to fans of both franchises.

6 Doom: the fall of Mars

Along with first-person shooters, RPG is another incredibly popular genre of game. Along with FPS, RPGs first gained popularity in early PC games. Doom: the fall of Mars takes the lore and gameplay of Loss, and puts it in an isometric RPG similar to Diablo. The game focuses more on leveling up the player rather than completing a stage. The game uses the assets of the two franchises to create a merger that works on several levels. The ultra-violence and hectic nature of Loss are still present, although more strategy is needed to get to the end of this game.

5 Foreigners TC

Loss inspired players to create their own versions of the game as early as 1994. Just a year after the initial launch, a game was created that pitted Doomguy against the horrors of the Extraterrestrial series. Based specifically on Aliens, the game allows players to explore a space station infested with xenomorphs. The game has a more atmospheric horror feel, as there are long periods when the player will not encounter the creatures.

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Weapons are replaced with those from the movie, including the ability to wield the iconic climax’s electric charger. The game looks in some ways like a precursor to the official Alien: Isolation published years later.

4 Pirate Doom

One of the most unique fan games is the one that sets the horrors of Loss in a pirate setting. Pirate Doom allows players to use familiar gameplay in a completely different setting. Weapons are all replaced with those suitable for a pirate, and enemies are dressed in pirate clothing. The music is also brand new, replacing hard rock with more appropriate sea songs. The game takes influence from titles such as Monkey island, with a Loss turn. The violence and chaos fans have come to expect is always present, all with a new and creative gaming experience.

3 Doom: Golden Souls

While tearing apart the terrifying and violent world of Loss, the last thing on the minds of gamers is the fun and colorful world of Mario. Doom: Golden Souls combines these two games in a way that works perfectly.

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The levels are as violent as the Loss The games are known for, all with a bright and colorful backdrop and music to match. The levels have entered a hub world, which is an empty castle filled with paintings that the character walks through ala Mario 64. The game has had several sequels and calls for. Loss purists and Mario experts in the same way

2 Castlevania: Simon’s Fate

Loss and Castlevania share many of the same fan base. Both games are from the classic era of video games, and both are bursting with an atmosphere of horror. Combining these games would be a match made in gamers heaven, and that’s exactly what Castlevania: Simon’s Fate is. Imagine the original NES Castlevania played like a Loss game, all the images that pop into the minds of players are exactly what this game offers. The game is first person and follows Simon Belmont as he tracks down the sinister Dracula. This game is a shining example of the best of both worlds, and fans who despise this game are rare.

1 Brutal fate

Anyone who hears the words fan-games and Loss in the same sentence instantly thinks Brutal fate. The game offers exactly what the title suggests, a much more intense and violent game Loss live. The game takes the original classic and completely dials the intensity up to eleven by filling the game with bloody killings and graphics. New gameplay elements such as the ability to kick or taunt enemies are present, as well as the ability to release Marine NPCs to aid the player. The game is filled with new weapons and overpowered versions of classic weapons. There are even new animations, allowing the player to perform what can only be described as kills on enemies, similar to the 2016 reboot. Brutal fate offers everything fans could want and multiplies them tenfold.

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