10 best comedy movies released in 2020, ranked


Comedy films are among the most popular. This genre continues to captivate audiences. Filmmakers, screenwriters as well as movie studios know that comedies are often very profitable. Since they help people relax and take their minds off their worries, comedies are excellent at capturing the attention of the public.

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What makes them interesting is that comedies are just as relevant in tough times as they are in happy times. Maybe even more. The year 2020 has seen the rise of the covid-19 pandemic which has made thousands of people miserable. But comedies were made that made viewers laugh. Some comedy films from last year then beat the competition.

ten my spy

My Spy Sophie confronts JJ

These viewers who only know Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer but love the character should give this movie a chance. Bautista plays a super efficient CIA agent named JJ who is great at his job but not so much at talking to people.

He finds the most unexpected friend in a 9-year-old girl, Sophie, when he works undercover and watches over her family. The film manages to poke fun at the cliché moments typical of action movies, and arguments between JJ and Sophie (who is sometimes smarter than him) are fun to watch.

9 Sonic the hedgehog

dr robotnik live action

After the controversy where the studio dramatically changed Sonic’s look after a backlash from fans of the character, many people were curious how the film would play out. And the answer is – it went well.

Sonic the hedgehog might not be the most original movie of all time, but it has a lot to offer – from the sympathetic titular hero to James Marsden’s performance as Sonic’s human sidekick, to Jim’s performance. Carrey as the film’s main villain, a completely insane Dr.Robotnik. And, of course, it’s humorous that suits kids as well as their parents.

8 Eurovision Song Contest: The History of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest The History of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The History of Fire Saga is not only the movie with the longest title on this list, but also the one that audiences will love or hate. These are unique people who have their dreams to come true and who don’t care that no one believes in them – sometimes not even themselves.

Fans of music, beautiful European campaigns as well as quirky humor (in the best possible sense) might enjoy the film. Plus, Will Farrell and Rachel McAdams are brilliant in the lead roles.

7 Emma

Emma with her father

Jane Austen’s film and TV adaptations often draw attention to themselves with their clever storylines and excellent acting performances. Emma focuses on a clever female heroine, as was usual for Austen, and contains a lot of clever British humor.

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Anya Taylor-Joy shines as the titular heroine Emma who is well-meaning when she plays the role of matchmaker with her friends and people she knows, but she often does more harm than good.

6 Love and monsters

Love and Monsters Joel and a robot

Some movies just need their title to let audiences know that this particular story will make them laugh and relax. Love and monsters prove it. Even though it’s set in a world where a monster apocalypse has happened, it’s still funny and the film’s main hero, Dylan O’Brien’s Joel, is very likeable since he’s not a hero of the movie. ‘action. He’s just a guy trying to survive and find the girl he has a crush on. The film subtly gives the land of zombies vibrations, but it works like a feel-good movie on its own.

5 Amber encounter

Hanging out with Amber Eddie and Amber are riding bikes

Many Irish films never find their audiences in the USA. However, this movie deserves more attention from all viewers. Eddie and Amber are good friends who study at a religious school. Eddie loves boys and Amber loves girls, and to get some rest they decide to pretend to be dating. The film successfully combines drama and humor, and the main characters are inherently likable. Even more for people who might have been in a similar position but have opted for a different solution.

4 Forward


Tom Holland and Chris Pratt met in the MCU as Peter Parker and Peter Quill, respectively. But the animated film Forward Has them play two elves and brothers who decide to use magic to bring their father back for a day.

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The film creates a magical world full of unique characters. It’s emotionally charged but also funny because the brothers are different from each other and they also meet a lot of strange beings during their journey.

3 Palm springs

To some people, Palm Springs can seem like heaven on Earth. A nice place to relax and good company, it’s all there, especially at events like weddings. Nyles and Sarah both attend a wedding, but when caught in a time loop and start reliving the wedding day again and again, they decide to go with the flow and have some fun.

The time loop theme is popular in movies because it gives so many ways to build a story, and Palm springs offers a new version of the well-known theme.

2 Riders of Justice

Riders of Justice characters drive a car

Those who judge by the description of the film might not believe that it is also a comedy. The Danish film focuses on Marcus whose wife dies in a train accident. That’s what Marcus thinks it was – just an accident. At least until a group of strangers visit him and try to persuade him that there is something more behind the train’s destruction.

The film is surprisingly humorous thanks to the characters of its heroes who are in many ways unique. Their interactions are fun to watch, all the more thanks to the solid performances of all the actors. Mads Mikkelsen (Annibal) portrays the lead role and he’s brilliant in it.

1 Soul

There are not many people who are interested in Soul but I haven’t watched it yet. Considering the hype generated by the film, it’s no surprise that it attracted a lot of viewers. However, the film deserves attention. The story of the musician Joe who almost died but who manages to find his way back to life is both touching and funny. The more humorous moments include Joe’s arguments with Cynical Soul 22 as well as Joe’s adventure in the body of a cat.

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