10 anime villains who keep losing no matter how hard they try


Some villains are terrifying brains who use power, strength, and wit to outsmart the hero at every turn, leading them on a long quest for success. They dodge the hero and extend the plot, masterfully foiling each of the hero’s attempts. However, some villains are not so fortunate. Some bad guys just can’t win.

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Many villains can’t seem to get a break as they desperately try to make it to the top, either because they’re not strong enough or just aren’t lucky enough. Whether this was due to the plot armor or their own ineffectiveness, some villains just weren’t meant to be winners.

ten Gentle Criminal and La Brava fail every turn in My Hero Academia

Gentle Criminal looks serious

Gentle Criminal is a respectable, noble villain with a strong moral tenet. In addition, his relationship with La Brava is one of mutual respect and care. They have become a highly regarded duo in My hero university for their eccentric personalities and shenanigans.

Gentle Criminal became a villain because he failed to become a hero, and he also didn’t have much success as a villain. With the help of La Brava, they found some success on the internet, but in the end they were quickly beaten.

9 Pokémon’s Team Rocket always explodes again

team rocket posing

Team Rocket has been trying to capture Pikachu and other rare Pokémon since the 90s, but they have had little success. Throughout the show, their ridiculous antics and far too elaborate plans made them explode time and time again.

Jessie, James and Meowth have failed to get the recognition they want from their superiors, but they are loved by fans. They are considered icons of the show. Still, that doesn’t do much to help them catch the Pokemon they so crave.

8 Oingo and Boingo kept trying despite constant failure in JoJo’s bizarre adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Oingo and Boingo in a bus

The two brothers Stand-handing of Stardust Crusaders thought they could face Jotaro and his friends. One could write the future in a comic book, while the other could take the form of another. However, they’ve been comically thwarted whenever the prophetic comics have seen the older of the two being constantly hurt in horrific ways.

In the end, there was nothing they could do to stop their failure, and they had to give up. Fortunately, the two narrowly escaped death, but they had a hard time trying to stop Jotaro.

7 The Hidden Rain’s Oboro team failed to stop Team 7 twice in Naruto

Oboro team

Fans first saw Team Oboro during the Chunin Exams, where they were defeated by Kabuto and Team 7. Their loss was close, but they lost nonetheless. The three genin that made up the team each wore off-white suits and masks that appeared to help them breathe underwater.

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The next time they were seen was when Team 7 escorted Idate Morino, a former Konoha shinobi and brother to Chunin exam proctor Ibiki Morino, on his run for the Wasabi family. . This time the rain ninja, who was helping Idate’s opponent, was quickly defeated.

6 Mizuki tried to hurt the Hidden Leaf twice but made a few mistakes along the way in Naruto

Mizuki smiles devilishly

Mizuki once manipulated Naruto Uzumaki into stealing a secret scroll from the Hokage Residence, a serious felony punishable by exile. However, Naruto believed his sensei and read the scroll in an attempt to learn the Shadow Clone’s jutsu before handing it to Mizuki. Fortunately, Iruka-sensei stopped the plot and Naruto was taken down.

Later in some of the Naruto filling, Mizuki broke free from the prison to which Hidden Leaf sentenced him for his crimes. The Hidden Leaf shinobi were taken on a wild goose hunt, but ultimately Mizuki and his escape companions were thwarted again.

5 Jogo continues to get beaten in Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo vs. Jogo

Jogo is a fiery cursed spirit who cannot win. The only time viewers see him succeed is when he kills restaurant workers when he’s first featured. He confronts Gojo Satoru on several occasions and each time he is severely malnourished.

Jogo is an arrogant cursed spirit, and he bites far more than he can chew, but has escaped death at Gojo’s hands on several occasions. Unfortunately, his luck turns when he is pitted against the unbeatable Sukuna.

4 Hol Horse is supposed to be strong with the Emperor, but he falls flat on JoJo’s bizarre adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Hol Horse reads with enthusiasm

Hol Horse was another character who was built to be strong but continued to fail. However, he managed to be a thorn in the side of all characters. The first time Jotaro and his comrades met Hol Horse, he was working with the person who was responsible for the death of Polnareff’s sister. This was the only time Hol Horse was successful when he apparently killed Avdol.

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Hol Horse never had the same impact as the story, and it turned out later that he hadn’t even killed Avdol. The Emperor turned out to be a very weak Stand in the hands of Hol Horse.

3 Dragon Ball’s Pilaf Gang Threaten No One

Pilaf band in attack position

Emperor Pilaf wants to take over the world, and he needs the Dragon Balls to do so, especially since he and his compatriots seem ineffective to say the least. They find themselves in such an unnecessary position when they want young people to use the Dragon Balls. They sure get it.

Now in the form of children, they are looking for the Dragon Balls again. While they may wish to make more wishes throughout the franchise, it always seems to backfire in one way or another.

2 Speed ​​O ‘Sound Sonic Can’t Hope To Beat One-Punch Man

Sound smile

It’s easy to see why villains like Speed ​​o ‘Sound Sonic can’t win. In a universe with characters like Saitama, also known as One-Punch Man for his ability to defeat any enemy with a single punch, it’s hard to compete. The same goes for Sonic, who tries over and over again but is still defeated.

Despite his ego, all his training and his will to win, he just seems unable to take a break. It is the unfortunate situation of many wicked in Man with a fist are in it.

1 The Jiggle Butt Gang Is Too Ridiculous To Win In Fairy Tail

Erza threatens the Jiggle Butt gang

The Jiggle Butt Gang has to be one of the most ridiculous creations in anime. They are a trio of villains and eccentric thieves who wear tight all-black jumpsuits and go wild. They act like a thorn in the side of the main characters and are a comedic relief, albeit in a very unexpected way.

Their main abilities include gas to drive away enemies. Like Team Rocket, they’re often fired by the main characters, who just don’t have time for their nonsense.

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